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Score Choice

Often, students who take the SAT or ACT more than once may choose to submit only their best score(s), an option known as Score Choice. Score Choice has long been the official policy of the ACT and was reintroduced in the spring of 2009 for the SAT.

However, some colleges and universities (most of which are highly selective) request that applicants submit scores from all test administrations, though it is important to note that the majority of schools– including the majority of highly selective schools– allow students to submit only their best scores. Generally, the policy of admissions officers at non-Score choice institutions is to combine the best sections from each of the submitted total scores and “super score” applicants themselves; some schools explicitly state their super scoring policies while others do not.

While colleges and universities may request complete score disclosure, it nevertheless remains up to the student to decide whether to release all of his or her scores. Note that Score Choice does not allow students to select scores of individual sections of the SAT or ACT for a given test date.

These options are important for a student’s test-preparation strategy and, therefore, should be carefully considered from the beginning of the test-preparation process.

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