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Competitive Edge’s admission services are designed to augment and work with the college offices of the high schools our students attend. We take the full admissions landscape into account, planning a strategic standardized test preparation timeline in the context of all of the competing stresses placed on high school students. Competitive Edge collaborates with a network of college admissions experts who are up-to-date on the latest trends and requirements of colleges and universities and can therefore steer students in the proper direction to meet their goals.

Our services include helping students and families:

  • Review all of the relevant options in order to find the schools that best suit a student’s needs, with attention to cost, financial aid opportunities, curriculum, and location.
  • Tailor applications to suit an individual institution’s particular admission needs and quotas.
  • Develop essay subjects and strategies, guiding students throughout the writing process.
    • So much hard work goes into maintaining grades and getting those scores on standardized tests; we absolutely believe that same energy and investment needs to be brought to the applications themselves, since they’re the only way students can interface with their gatekeepers. We have a truly expert group of essay specialists including a New York Times-published author and a professional editor.
  • Identify and select the appropriate standardized admissions examinations.
    • We compare baseline scores on various exams to determine which test best plays to a student’s natural strengths.
  • Master interview techniques and practice mock interviews with post-practice feedback.
  • Ensure your child’s application stands out.

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