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Online Tutoring

Competitive Edge has conducted remote sessions for students all around the world, at boarding school, or just on vacation since its inception, and our tutors have specific training in the most effective methods of presenting information online.

We use Zoom, FaceTime, and similar applications in conjunction with screen sharing, online whiteboards, and our library of electronic materials (which includes hundreds of practice exams, dozens of textbooks and syllabi, and thousands of pages of curriculum material) to ensure that our students not only enjoy the same quality of instruction an in-person session provides but can actually benefit from some of the unique opportunities afforded by computer-based instruction, ranging from three-dimensional graphing tools to Physics simulations to online grammar games.

In the online format, we can provide maximum flexibility in scheduling and session length, sometimes squeezing in a session between classes or providing short, 15-minute “check ins” to keep students on track with their test preparation or coursework. In addition, students have access to all of their session notes in a convenient electronic form and have the option of recording their sessions for later review.

While we’ve missed seeing many of our students “in real life” and look forward to building more of our relationships in person once possible, our students have found that working one-on-one with a tutor obviates many of the difficulties presented by large group online meetings while prioritizing and preserving the health and safety of all of our families and communities.